The testimonials below are from my clients who were kind enough to share their experiences.
They are in their own words and are unedited.

I have had problems with my back and posture for the last 3 years, I visited several physiotherapists before I went to David at Dundalk Physical Therapy. Because of the professional nature and expertise he provided I have always been able to return to work or physical activity.

David has always been able to arrange a convenient appointment sometimes at short notice and I can’t thank him enough therefore I have no problem advising others to visit Dundalk Physical Therapy. His understanding of how the body works and finding the cause of the problems is exceptional, he won’t just go for the quick fix so you will be back again he really cares about his patients well-being and getting to the core of the problem.

Aidan Harnet.
Dundalk Co. Louth.

Having had back problems since I was 17 and being diagnosed with dehydrated discs in Lumbar spine in 2006 I had been to numerous back specialists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists with no major improvements. In the meantime a friend recommended David Martin to me and after attending David’s clinic over a few sessions I felt great relief both mentally and physically. David’s method mixed with his stretching and exercising advice have really helped me and i have no hesitations recommending him to friends and family who also suffer with similar problems.

Vincent Monaghan.
Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

David Martin is a really talented physical therapist. I’ve visited him with a number of different injuries over the years and he is great at getting to the true cause of problems that have popped up. What I really appreciate though is that he doesn’t waste my money if he knows the problem is something he can’t treat. He will refer me to the correct type of medical or therapeutic practitioner.

Niall Mcentagart.
Hackballs Cross, Dundalk.

After being referred by my GP I attended David’s practise with neck and shoulder pain. With no obvious cause of the injury David listened to my description of the symptoms and took notes. I found him very easy to talk to and he then explained the treatment he was going to commence. Over the next few weeks David worked on both the neck and shoulders and started me on an exercise program to help aid the recovery. He also gave advice on improving posture with little day to day tips that I found very helpful. The treatment was not without discomfort at the start but the results were incredible. I would highly recommend David for his professional manner and expertise.

Maria Nordon.
Kilkerly, Dundalk.

David has been my Physical Therapist now for more than 6 years. During my career I’ve had my fair share falls, sprains and over use injuries. Due to Davids’ quality treatments , in depth knowledge of anatomy and experience I’m glad to say that I’m now injury free and maintaining a healthy structural balance in my body, even my lower back feels fantastic

Alan Fox.
Former World Irish Dancing Champion, Riverdance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David Martin to anyone suffering from chronic pains or aches. My own experience was a very positive one when I attended David for chronic knee pain. I had been to medical doctors but they were not able to help me other than put me on tablets, which did not relieve my pain. I am sorry to say that I went to David as a last resort, and wish I had done so sooner. He quickly found the cause of my knee problem, and after a few visits and therapy, I was able to walk again without pain. David does not bring you back again and again, once he has found the cause of the problem. When he feels that his physical therapy along with advice on proper exercises to alleviate the symptoms are completed, he will then tell you that he can be contacted at any time if the symptoms re-occur. I am happy to say that in my case, my knee has been fine since my therapy at least three years ago.
I have since had occasion to return to David again, this time with muscle spasms in my quad muscle. Again, after consultation and physical therapy, along with advice on exercises to remedy the condition, I now feel much improved and know what to do if the spasm occurs again. All of these improvements have been implemented without the use of medication of any kind. I cannot recommend David too highly. He is truly a gifted Physical Therapist.

Joan Wheelahan.
Ravendsale, Dundalk.

I was first recommended David by a friend who had gone to david and had found great improvement. I had suffered for 2 years with a bad back and had visited 3 physiotherapists and a chiropractor but to no real avail. I would experience a little relief then the pain and stiffness would come return. When I visited david he gave me a full and through assessment and had diagnosed the issue and had devised a treatment plan within a session. It wasnt a quick fix but with the treatment I received and with the program david had me follow at home, I was able to return to full time employment and get back to the gym. I couldn’t recommend david highly enough and have already sent some of my friends to him.

Padraig Gorman.
Shelagh, louth.

During 2011 and 2012 I had a painful case of tennis elbow. As I delayed in getting professional help, my regular physiotherapist was unable to fix the problem. I tried another physiotherapist but he also was unsuccessful. I resorted to an injection into the elbow which gave me some relief but only for a few weeks.

I was then told about David Martin. I decided to pay him a visit, more in desperation than hope, as by this stage I was thinking that I would have to live with the problem. I was immediately impressed with the manner in which David worked. Instead of treating just the elbow area, he worked on all the surrounding areas.He treated my back, shoulder, neck and arms. He explained that the problem could have it’s roots in any of these areas.
After about 3 sessions, (and to my great surprise), my arm began to feel less painful. About 2 sessions later my arm felt really good and I was able to physically use it for the first time in about 18 months. I haven’t looked back since and my arm is still as good as new. I would still attend David should I have any aches or pains due to not looking after myself properly. He always fixes the problem. As well as being very likable, I find David to be very skillful at what he does and would have no hesitation in recommending him highly.

Pat Smyth.
Blackrock, Co. Louth.

I was first referred to David Martin by my GP in 2010 suffering from extreme stiffness, Osteoarthritis and Sciatica. Over a period of months I had weekly sessions of intense physical therapy which were most successful. David identified my problems and set up a plan of care for me explaining each treatment in detail which was most helpful. Each session was almost one hour and I never felt rushed in fact quite the opposite. I have had further treatments since my first visit and am very grateful to have such an excellent Physical Therapist to plan my care going forward.

I find David to be very thorough, helpful, full of patience and above all most professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him to my family and friends when they are in need of Physical Therapy.

Mary Gaughran.
Dundalk, Co. Louth.