Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur during any sporting activity, event, or training session. Injuries can affect a variety of musculoskeletal structures such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. An injury can be categorised as being an acute injury or an overuse injury depending on the mechanism of injury and the onset of symptoms.

An acute injury may be the result of a ligament sprain or muscle tear or from a direct blow for example with another player, the ground or equipment. In the case of an acute injury we will manage the pain and inflamation during the early stages and begin rehabilitation as early as possible to ensure a full recovery and return to sport as early as possible while reducing the risk of re-injury.

With an overuse injury the symptoms usually begin gradually and increase over a period of time. The key to successful management is a thorough bio-mechanical assessment (functional movement screening) to identify any weaknesses or imbalances and a specific rehabilitation program and myofascial release treatment to rectify. Sometimes a temporary reduction in the activity causing the pain with a graded reintroduction is required. Often times overuse injury can be simply due to doing too much or increasing your load too quickly in which case reduction of the activity in question will be vital.