Athlete Screening & Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is better than cure. At dundalk physical therapy we utilise sports specific musculo-skeletal screening protocols to identify the weaknesses in athletes that may predispose them towards particular injuries. With a battery of flexibility, strength and stability tests, our physical therapists can identify areas within an athlete that need attention in order to reduce their injury potential and maximise their technique and athletic ability. These screening protocols are a necessity for any athlete serious about maximising performance and reducing the incidence of injury. Whether your sport is running or swimming, martial arts to football or dance, you can benefit from our expertise.

Individualised Injury Prevention Programs

Every person’s biomechanics and movement patterning are all slightly different. All sports and work require different skills and muscle activation. When it comes to injury prevention and skill development every persons needs are slightly different.

Therefore each of our clients will have a screening performed, based on functional skills required by the sport or activity they do. During this assessment we will carefully assess for areas of poor muscle activation and movement pattern, strength deficits, poor muscular endurance and imbalances between muscle groups. Other things that need to be assessed include posture and asymmetry, balance and proprioception, core strength and pelvic stability, flexibility and joint mobility. Once that has been done an individualized program of interventions can be created and may include aspects such as strengthening and muscle activation exercises, stretches, massage, pilates, core strengthening and balance exercises or mores sports specific functional exercises. Based on the results we develop an individualised exercise program targeting the areas of weakness and risk.

The other advantage of these specialised programs is it will assist in developing the skills and performance in the sport or work. This is done because the screening and program is specific to the activity. This makes the body more efficient at completing the task required by the sport or work which inevitably leads to better and more consistent performance of your skills.

These principles can also be applied to people preparing for upcoming surgery. This can dramatically reduce post-operative complications and significantly speed up the rehabilitation process following the procedure.