Back Pain

Back pain can originate from irritation to any of the pain sensitive structures in the low back, intevvertebral discs, ligaments, facet joints, nerves or surrounding muscles. In the majority of cases of low back pain, management depends on careful assessment to detect any abnormality, and then appropriate treatment to correct that abnormality. A very small number of back pain cases can be caused by more serious conditions for example infection, inflamatory conditions, fracture or tumors.

Back Pain and Physical Therapy
It is vital that whichever form of therapy you choose to treat your back pain whether it is physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc that you ensure your therapist has the right qualifications and abilities to assess and manage your condition safely and effectively. At dundalk physical therapy you will find the best in evidence based practice to fully treat your condition. Acurate diagnosis at the outset of treatment is key to the development of a treatment plan specific to your needs which will allow for a much safer ond more speedy recovery. This will also eliminate the need for unnecessary treatment.

What we can do at DUNDALK PHYSICAL THERAPY to Treat Low Back Pain
• Deep tissue massage and myofascial release to decrease muscle spasm and pain
• Joint mobilization: Specific to the affected joint in your back to relieve pain and increase range of movement.
• Specific Exercises: Home exercises to increase your range of movement and decrease pain. Core muscle retraining to increase the strength of the supporting muscles of the back and decrease your risk of re-injuring your back
• Ergonomic advice: ie workstation set up, avoiding loading positions such as prolonged sitting and bending
• Sport specific rehabilitation to get you safely back to your sport
• Neurodynamic Mobilisation