Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common complaint. Approximately 75% of the population will experience some form of neck pain in their lives. It can be experienced alone or in combination with a variety of other symptoms.The most common of these associated symptoms include headaches and upper back pain, there can also be referred pain to the shoulders, arms and hands. Along with pain there may be referred tingling, numbness or weakness in the arms, hands or fingers. Sometimes a neck condition can cause there referred symptoms in the shoulders and arms without neck pain being present.

Neck pain can be acute, arising sudenly from a trauma, or something as simple turniing your head awkwardly or sleeping with your neck in the wrong position. It may also be chronic in nature having been present for a period of months or years either consistnetly or recurring. Whatever the case if the pain does not subside on its own or is recurring then it is advisable to have it checked and treated by an expert.

At dundalk pyhsical therapy we are experts at musculoskeletal assessment and treatment. We will help you identify not only what is the source your pain but why it occurred in the first place and what is perpetuating it. Then we will work with you to eliminate your pain and teach you how to reduce the chance of recurrance.
Quite often during this process we identify and eliminate restrictions and weaknesses that have been present for some time and at the end of the process quite often patients report that they are not only pain free but feel better and freer than they have for a long time.